Kimberly J Walker

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Project Overview

As a speaker with an empowering message for a woman it was very important for her to display that message throughout the site, that’s why the main elements of this project is the empowering of woman, that no matter how your body looks you are still wonderful and your beauty lies deep within you.

This website features a store for her “empowering” products which are all products branded with her logo, it also hosts a few custom graphics to add appeal to the visual elements of the whole site and as you can see on every page there is an “empowering” quote which helps in communicating the message she wants to transmit over to her users.

My Role

In-Raise’s role in this project was the full design and development of the website, every single visual element present on the site was custom designed and custom coded to improve performance on the site. As in every project made by in-Raise, there are no unnecessary plugins to handle most of the functionality, and everything is custom coded on a Custom WordPress theme created by in-Raise Design Studio.

Some design elements

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