Ashley Aya Ferguson

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Project Overview

A website for a writer needs to show the love and passion the owner has for writing, that’s why the main design concept in this website is to showcase the personality of Ashley whom loves to write, she has a couple of books and likes to blog.

This website features a few interesting elements including a custom personalized blog so Ashley’s readers can feel more connected with the message she is communicating. It also features a store for her products including her books, an events manager module which is super easy to manage, it also includes animated icons, and a few content animations on the sections of the website everything related to writing. Starting by her name in the Hero area which has a “self-writing” motion-effect.

My Role

In-Raise’s role in this project started by designing the logo of her brand, it is a very simple and literal 2D logo that makes you know she is a writer at once when you see it. Then the full designing and developing of the website, animation of the icons, animation of the sections in the website, every single design element on the website was custom created or custom coded by in-Raise design studio.

Some design elements

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