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Project Overview

Anthony David started his career early in the 2000s in Atlanta, started out as a poet! Then as a songwriter, and soon he was a backup singer for India Arie whom he did his very first single-collab, he has 7 albums in his discography as well as a lot of videos on YouTube and music on all the major music platforms.

He needed a website to show his love for music to all of his fans, as well as to inform of when he is next to hit the stage, the website has a clear layout and structure to make it easy for any visitor to find the stuff they are looking for.

Some special design elements included are a beautiful visual timeline of his career, a page with all the info of his albums, and an integration with his music management platform to showcase his events.

The site is integrated with Spotify, so you can hear a preview of his songs on the same site, and also a video slider for each of his albums.

My Role

In-Raise’s role in this project started by designing the logo of her brand, it is a very simple and literal 2D logo that makes you know she is a writer at once when you see it. Then the full design and development of the website, animation of the icons, animation of the sections in the website, every single design element on the website was custom created or custom coded by in-Raise design studio.

Some design elements

anthonydavid hero section
anthonydavid latest album section
anthonydavid albums section
anthonydavid sub hero and timeline start section
anthonydavid timeline section
anthonydavid albums page
anthonydavid video slider section